Registration for the fall semester is closed. Spring registration will open in November.

Click for Patriarchs of Genesis Fall Semester Lessons & Commentary

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THE FALL SEMESTER. However, you can register for the Spring Semester in November. We look forward to you joining us in the study of the Patriarchs of Genesis. Abraham was called a friend of God, Isaac was the child of God’s promise, Jacob was the Father of Israel and Joseph went from prison to the palace to save God’s people. We can experience God as intimately and personally as they did through His Word.

PLEASE NOTE: This year all registrations are online. If you need help or are new to Monday Night Bible Study contact us at and we can assist you. We are praying for God’s protection through the coronavirus pandemic. Our small groups will be meeting via Zoom (at least through the Fall Semester).

The mission of Monday Night Bible Study is for every class member to be “taught, trained and transformed” by the study of God’s Word. We accomplish this through 1) personal study and reflection; 2) small group discussion; and 3) large group instruction from Johnny and Beth Evans.