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THIS FALL OUR STUDY IS THE BOOK OF ACTS. Online registration is open for the Fall Semester which begins this coming September 2021. Please note: since we began we have been called The Monday Night Bible Study and meet on Monday nights. We are changing because of scheduling conflicts and we will be meeting on Tuesday night starting this Fall. The Monday Night Bible Study On Tuesday is a great mix of personal study, small group interaction, lecture insights, and commentary. This is also a great way to stay connected to God’s Word. The Monday Night Bible Study on Tuesday helps you stick with it through its weekly gathering of small group and lecture time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need help registering or are new to Monday Night Bible Study on Tuesday contact us at and we can assist you. We are grateful for God’s provided protection through the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, our small groups are meeting via Zoom (we are very hopeful for meeting in person for the Fall Semester 2021). For those with special needs or circumstances, we are planning to still offer a Zoom option.

The Patriarchs of Genesis LessonsClick here for all the lessons for the year, or you can select the Lessons tab in the menu for the current lesson.

The mission of Monday Night Bible Study on Tuesday is for every class member to be “taught, trained and transformed” by the study of God’s Word. We accomplish this through 1) personal study and reflection; 2) small group discussion; and 3) large group instruction from Johnny and Beth Evans.