Monday Night Bible Study


The Monday Night Bible Study usually meets each Monday, September through April, at 7 pm in Raleigh, NC. This year the main Raleigh study will meet on Tuesday because of a scheduling conflict. The Fall Semester breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas and the Spring Semester begins the first week of January.


Every study is designed to sharpen your Bible study and life application skills so you can better live out your faith at home, in the church, and in the marketplace. Each week you will meet with a small group of peers to discuss the week’s lesson and to be encouraged to live strong. In addition, you have the advantage of large group teaching by Johnny and Beth Evans


All men and women are welcome to join us, regardless of church affiliation or Bible study experience. The Monday Night Bible Study (that is meeting on Tuesday) is ideal for those beginning to study God’s Word. You are among friends who are learning with you.


Studying the Bible gives insight into human nature, world problems, and human suffering. But beyond that, it clearly reveals the way to God. It is the story of salvation: the story of your redemption through Jesus Christ; the story of life, of peace, and of eternity. The message of the Bible is the message of Jesus who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). One of the greatest needs of the Church today is to return to the Word of God as the only real authority we have and to study the scriptures prayerfully depending on the Holy Spirit. When we read God’s Word, we fill our hearts with His words, and God is speaking to us.

Johnny and Beth Evans provide insightful teaching with a personal challenge from God’s Word each week.