Will the men and women meet separately in their small groups? Yes. Each man will be placed into a discussion group of men led by a man. Each woman will be placed into a discussion group of women led by a woman.

What will we study? We will use various books from the Bible. 

How long does the meeting last each Tuesday evening? The large group lecture teaching starts at 7 pm. The small groups begin at 8 pm and end at 8:45 pm.

How long does the Bible Study year last? The study begins in September, takes a break for December, and concludes in April or early May (it varies slightly from year to year).

What material will I need? You will need a Bible and you may purchase a study notebook for $15. This notebook contains your schedule, your Bible Study lessons, and a commentary. All the material will also be online.

Do I have to purchase a notebook if I prefer to work from my computer or iPad? Not if you prefer to access the resources that you will need electronically at

Who will teach during the large group teaching sessions? Johnny and Beth Evans will share the teaching responsibilities on alternate Mondays.

What is your position on a woman teaching the Bible to a man? We understand Paul’s admonition for a woman not to be permitted “to teach or have authority over a man” found in 1 Timothy 2:12 to mean that a woman is not to exercise Biblical authority over a man in the context of the Church. Monday Night Bible Study on Tuesday is not a Church and is not intended to take the place of the Church. It’s a para-church ministry that comes alongside the church to encourage, assist, serve and aid. There are over 150 different Churches represented by participants of Monday Night Bible Study on Tuesday.

Is Monday Night Bible Study on Tuesday a ministry of Providence Baptist Church? No. We thank God for Providence allowing us to use the facilities at 6339 Glenwood Ave., but Monday Night Bible Study on Tuesday is a ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Triangle Adult Chapter.  FCA is a separate 501 (c) 3 non-profit entity.  To learn more about FCA visit

Do I have to register to participate in Monday Night Bible Studyon Tuesday? Yes. You can complete a paper registration form found @ You can also register online here.

What if I want to “check out the study” prior to registering? You are invited to attend one of the Open House Orientations at Providence Church.  There will be a 45-minute orientation and you can stay for the 50-minute lecture. Dates will be announced closer to the September start date.

Is this a couples Bible study? No, though couples are welcomed and encouraged to participate. Married men and women that attend without their spouses and singles are also welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Will childcare be provided? No. But, middle/high school children and grandchildren are welcomed and encouraged to participate with you. They will be placed in their own gender-specific teen discussion group.